The decision to install a Disaster Recovery solution could be the most beneficial judgment made by your business. Past occurrences have proved to us the importance of the implementation and to the organisation that needed it. Many companies are of the impression that it is a wasted investment and the coordinated recovery would never be required.

However, in reality a 'Disaster' is such a regular occurrence. With the increasing risks of security breaches and viruses, directors and management have quickly learned to appreciate the vitality.

Furthermore, the more regular obstacles such as software and hardware failures could lead to companies resorting to the Disaster Recovery option. All IT professionals can appreciate the scepticism of the stereotype, meaning that an IT disaster is a weather or other catastrophic interruption, not to forget fire related incidents. However, the Disaster Recovery implementation may prove to be useful with much more basic and frequent interferences. If you unaware as to the negative impacts that can be caused from an IT disaster here are some of the standard consequences.

  • Loss of Business/client
  • Issues with cash flow
  • Unable to pay staff
  • Decrease in production/product development.
  • Possible risk of data loss

Server co-location

A client may wish to locate one of their backup servers (for example a web server/email server) in our data center. Co-locating a server in our Data Center will ensure that in the event of a disaster in your building (such as power outage) your services will still be available as your backup servers will be located at our highly secure/redundant site. Server co-location is billed on a 'per server U, per bandwidth' basis.

Disaster Recovery Area

Having experienced this, Minervia's operatives are fully aware of the importance and are trained to guide clients through the process. Minervia are equipped with office space available for clients wishing to setup a 'Disaster Recovery' site. In the event of the clients building being inaccessible (such as a security alert) the client will be able to redirect staff to our office space and continue normal work until the problem has been resolved at the primary headquarters. This work space consists of an entire floor consisting of three offices also fitted with private facilities.