Cloud computing provides data access and management, software apps and secure storage facilities. All of this can be done without Cloud users aware of the location or private content built into the system.

To appreciate Cloud Computing is to understand the wider concept of converged infrastructure that makes cloud possible. Data centres have been set up in unknown locations to allow businesses to use and upload their applications with much more efficiency.

Corporations of all sizes are now using Cloud Computing because of the cost benefits and it also eliminates the concerns of disaster recoveries. One of the convenient factors about Cloud Computing is that the days of dedicating an area of office space to servers, networking equipment are finally over.

Due to previous case studies and the overall excitement surrounding Cloud Computing, we at Minervia are fully aware of the specific advantages that this new approach can have on IT infrastructure. Like all technological advances it is understandable that some IT decision makers cannot fully grasp the benefits and agree that their business would ultimately advance. Every one of our operatives has had extensive training, consisting of intense seminar sessions. This has allowed us to really come to terms with Cloud Computing and know if it would be the correct move for your business.